We are pleased that you (the “Purchaser”) have chosen to purchase your PolyBoard product (the “products) from PolyBoard design. To enhance your satisfaction with the Products, PolyBoard design is pleased to offer the following limited warranty to the original Purchaser in relation to the products:


PolyBoard design warrants that under normal residential conditions and usage, all products will be free from abnormal scratches and/or cracks for a period of 25 years from the date of your purchase. In addition to the General Conditions of all Warranties, this PolyBoard warranty does not apply where:

1. Discolouration is caused due to exposure to sunlight.
2. Scratches or marks caused by sharp objects, paints, stains, ink or dyes.
3. There are any indications of neglect or abuse to the Products.


Any stainless steel hardware is warranted not to fail structurely for a period of 5 years of residential use. Defective hardware shall be warranted to the original Purchaser from the date of purchase.


The warranties provided herein do not apply if:

1. The product is not installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

2. The defect is caused by occurrences beyond the control of PolyBoard design.

3. The product has been altered or improperly maintained.