At Polyboard Design the plastic board that we produce and use in our High Quality Furniture is produced with High Density Polyethylene, also known as HDPE plastic.

HDPE plastic is a popular choice by product engineers due to its recyclability, long life expectancy, strength ,durability and weatherability (cold and hot temps). Which makes it ideal for outdoor furniture applications. Complete with stainless steel fasteners, each piece is handcrafted and not mass produced to ensure a top quality product every time.

Polyboard is a extruded plastic product produced using a high quality technologically advanced process that produces a stress free on line annealed product for flatness.

Unlike compression molded products that have much inherent stress from the process. The stress from compression is visible on the smooth surface of the board in form of white non uniformed stress lines that make it susceptible to premature fading, warping and stress cracking.

Some manufactures may try to pass it off to consumers as a grain type texture; it is not. The only way to process a textured surface in plastic is to emboss it onto the surface. Polyboard processes its boards stress free and embosses 3 types of surface textures such as wood grain, pebbled (orange peel) and scratch resistant.

Our proprietary HDPE blend uses both HDPE prime (new) and recycled (old) plastic along with fade resistant colour and UV additive. By blending the two plastics it assures the end consumer that they have a product that has both consistently vibrant colour, stress free and long lasting for many years.