Welcome to POLYBOARD design

Welcome to POLYBOARD design.  We are a manufacturer of high quality Polyethylene outdoor leisure furniture and custom designing.  Our products are scratch resistant, UV protected and using 100% recyclable HDPE plastic board.  Handcrafted with considerable care to ensure you are receiving a product which last for years to come.

The POLYBOARD Advantage

With our solid, scratch resistant HDPE board, dirt and stains cannot penetrate into the plastic, our products are tough and long lasting.
Considered all season furniture because of Poly Boards unique ability to be left outside in all weather conditions, with no concerns.
Maintenance Free
Since our product is scratch resistant HDPE, it's easy to clean. Simply use soap and water with a non-abrasive sponge.
Fade Resistant
Our furniture has UV inhibited pigment, which reduces the chances of color fade, whilst also expanding the life of the product.